Based at Pinewood Studios in the UK, CentreStage.tv is a brand-new streaming service for the arts, designed to be accessible to theatre producers, independent artists and venues alike.

With a heart for supporting the arts with a blended digital offer that can reach a global audience, this collaboration brings together entertainment agent/promoter Toby Cruse (founder of Worldwide Entertainment) with TV executives Thea Cole (CEO of Latimer) and Jason Shepherd (founder of Broadcast Systems Europe Ltd). Observing the struggle of many of their peers through the recent pandemic, the group decided that a service was needed to allow all artists and creatives who wanted to stream performances to do so.

Partnering their collective skills, the CentreStage.tv founders have brought together music and theatre promotion with the very latest streaming technology and the discipline of broadcast television to create a professional pay-per-view service accessible via desktop, app and mobile. CentreStage.tv is free to access and allows performers and producers to promote ticketed events to a global audience, giving them a new creative platform with which to play.

"It's a privilege to be able to work with such incredibly talented artists and creatives and bring their work to a wider audience. The arts are an integral part of who we are as people and anything that creates space for new ideas has to be worth pursuing with passion and determination. We really hope that CentreStage.tv will encourage new collaborations and new genres as it grows." Toby Cruse, Thea Cole and Jason Shepherd

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